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Thank You for Working With MacQueen & Gottlieb PLC.
Partnership Announcement


Real Estate Law Firm

The legal system can be daunting to someone who has no prior experience with lawyers or legal matters. That’s why our team of nationally recognized attorneys at MacQueen & Gottlieb, PLC is dedicated to making the process as clear and straightforward as possible. We pride ourselves on analyzing your legal issue or transaction upfront, so you can make an informed decision about whether to work with our skilled attorneys. We specialize in real estate law, business law, litigation, and estate planning, helping you or your business navigate legal issues and transactions.

What can we do for you?

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation

Adverse Possessions
Appellate Law
Brokerage Disputes
Commission Disputes
Contract Disputes
Eviction Actions
HOA Disputes
Quiet Titles | Partitions
Construction Issues

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

Appellate Law
Broker Issues
Golf Industry Issues
Leasing | Zoning
Property Management Issues
Purchase & Sales

Business Law & Estate Planning

Business Formations
Estate Planning
General Counsel

Meet the Founders

Founders Patrick MacQueen and Benjamin Gottlieb bring an extensive track record in real estate law, litigation, and business law to their firm, assisting clients with everything from estate planning to jury trials.

Patrick is a tried-and-true real estate attorney with expertise handling a broad range of real estate transactional, land use, and real estate litigation matters.

Benjamin is a proven trial litigator with a successful track record who practices in the areas of real estate litigation, real estate transactions, commercial, and civil litigation.

About Us

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