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Real estate fraud is an unfortunate part of purchasing real estate anywhere and Arizona is certainly no exception.  Scams and fraud involving real estate can take many different forms.  They can range from simple misrepresentations of a property during a sale to complete scams designed to steal money from unsuspecting people.  In all cases of real estate fraud, the victim has rights in Arizona.  However, the Arizona statute of limitations requires that fraud cases be brought forward within 3 years of the fraudulent conduct.  It is important to find experienced legal representation as soon as possible if you believe you have been the victim of real estate fraud in Arizona.

Examples of Real Estate Fraud in Arizona

Any misrepresentation of information in real estate documents when the transfer of money is involved can be considered real estate fraud.  Two of the most common examples of real estate fraud in Arizona are undisclosed property defects and title defects.

Undisclosed property defects are probably the most common form of real estate fraud.  This can include not disclosing mold, water leaks, foundation issues, construction defects or other issues with the property.  If you find an issue that was not disclosed during the purchase of real estate, you will need to document everything before attempting to fix any of the issues.  Our firm can help you gather all the necessary evidence before you proceed with any repairs.  It will make it more difficult to pursue your case if you move forward with repairs before proper documentation.

Title defects are not as common, but they can cause a much more substantial issue for all parties involved.  This is one reason it is always recommend to purchase title insurance when you are acquiring property in Arizona.  Title insurance is required if you purchase property with a mortgage, but it is a good idea even if you plan on paying cash.  Even experienced and professional title companies can fall victim to title defects during a normal real estate transaction.  Undisclosed liens or prior mortgages can cost you the property and potentially put you at risk of further claims and expenses.  Even something like an undeclared easement can significantly alter your plans for the property.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Attorney in Arizona

Real estate fraud can be complicated and time-consuming to pursue.  Typically, you will need a real estate attorney that can follow the trail of fraud and collect the necessary evidence to prove your case in court.  Our firm can help you piece together all elements of the real estate fraud and pursue a case to collect any losses and damages.

MacQueen & Gottlieb represent clients in Arizona with real estate fraud of all types.  We can help you determine if you have been a victim of real estate fraud and collect all the necessary evidence to get fair restitution.  It is never too early to work with an experienced real estate attorney if you feel you are involved in a fraudulent real estate transaction.  Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation or make an appointment online here.

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