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Every business owner needs to be prepared for inevitable legal challenges and pitfalls as they start and grow a company.  There are some essential legal services that you should be prepared to utilize as a business owner in Arizona.  From the formation of the business to operating agreements and employment contracts, you will need to prepare a multitude of documents quickly and effectively to get any company started.

A business will also need to understand the laws and regulations in their industry.  These can vary substantially between industries, and it is more important than ever to understand the requirements for operating a business in Arizona that does business globally online.  Even local small businesses need to understand the rules and regulations in their industry.

Essential Services for Every Small Business in Arizona

There are some general small business laws of which every business owner should be aware.  Advertising and marketing laws are vital to being able to grow your business responsibly.  All advertising and marketing materials need to be accurate and truthful.  Understanding email marketing laws is essential for the longevity of any online business.  Telemarketing laws are essential to understand if your business will be reaching customers over the phone.  A knowledge of employment and labor laws at both a state and federal level is required before hiring any employees.  Knowing privacy law will be essential if you will be obtaining any financial or confidential information from your customers or clients.  These are just a few broad legal areas that will need to be addressed to successfully start and grow a business.  That is why it is essential to have an attorney that has helped other small business owners address their legal challenges and avoid pitfalls so they can focus on why they started a business in the first place.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Although there are more businesses run out of the home than ever before, most businesses need a place to operate.  This means they will need to locate suitable commercial space for their business, secure financing, negotiate a lease, provide collateral or a substantial down payment, and find employees to help operate the business.  This can often become overwhelming for a new business owner that simply wants to run the business.   An experienced real estate attorney can guide you through the entire commercial real estate transaction for your business and help secure the best possible deal on your behalf.

The attorneys at MacQueen & Gottlieb have extensive experience with the legal complexities that small business owners face.  Our firm can help you form your company correctly and understand the advantages or disadvantages to all available legal structures for operating the business in Arizona.  Our attorneys can help you negotiate terms for lease agreements and purchase and employment contracts.  We also work with small business owners to plan ahead for potential legal challenges.  Contact us today 602-533-2840 to schedule an initial consultation or make an appointment online.

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