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MacQueen & Gottlieb, LLC (M&G), Arizona’s top-ranked real estate law firm, today announced another addition to its’ staff with the hiring of Katie Bagnata as a client intake specialist. She comes to M&G from Coram CVS Healthcare in Phoenix where she served as a medical billing specialist focusing on submitting claims to insurance for reimbursement. Her responsibilities also included resolving insurance problems and patient issues; providing detailed follow-up with patients and payers; training new hires and answering customer billing questions.

Founding partner Benjamin Gottlieb said that Bagnata’s hiring reflects the growth of the firm over nearly three years.

“When we first opened our doors, we had only four people, and everyone did a little bit of everything,” he said. “As we’ve grown to 14 people, we’ve had to start hiring people with specialized skills, and Katie fits that bill. She’s an expert in client intake, making sure we have all the correct information, so we don’t have any communication or billing challenges as we move through our clients’ cases. She is going to be a huge asset for the firm, both by providing outstanding client service and efficiencies, but also in freeing other staff up to focus on their areas of expertise.”

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