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With the holiday season in full swing, there are lots of people and companies planning out their holiday parties. One of the interesting things about the boom of short-term rentals is the opportunity to rent beautiful luxury homes for these parties, instead of the typical bar or conference center. This presents an opportunity for a unique venue for the party and a way for homeowners to create some new revenue around the holidays. Before you rent a luxury home on VRBO or Airbnb or rent your home out for a holiday party, it is important to understand all the rules for a renter and homeowner in Arizona.

Understanding VRBO & Airbnb Rental Rules

For people looking to rent a luxury home for a holiday party, VRBO and other short-term rental websites have made this process as easy as a booking a hotel room online. Simply browse the homes available in the area you’d like to rent in and book your venue. The process is that easy, but you do want to be aware that individual homeowners can set many of their own rules about the use of their home and some will certainly not be open to hosting a large holiday party at their house. Other homeowners might be open to it for additional fees, like a full house cleaning after the party.

VRBO and Airbnb listings have individual terms, conditions, limitations and fees. You want to make sure you’ve cleared your plan with the homeowner before booking the venue. All short-term rental sites offer the option to contact the homeowner directly before reserving their home. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss things like concerns about noise or traffic to the home for the holiday. Make sure to get a breakdown of how many cars can park at the home, any noise restrictions in the community or city and detail how the homeowner expects everything to work.

Arizona Short Term Rental Laws

The state of Arizona passed House Bill 2672 earlier this year. The bill is aimed at homeowners or investors looking to turn their homes into short term rental properties that are marketing as party houses. The obvious concerns for the other homeowners in the neighborhood are that party houses typically involve lots of noise and traffic. It’s also common sense that these party houses are not treated with the respect an individual homeowner or renter would typically show. There is often a mess left behind at the house and the neighborhood when a party or large group is hosted on a property.

As reported in a recent article on, Arizona House Bill 2672 allows cities in the state to restrict the ability for a homeowner or investor to turn their rental properties into a party house. It is also designed to not allow short-term rentals to be a loophole for events that typically require a permit. Short-term rental owners will also need to provide the city with updated contact information in the event a complaint is filed involving their property. The city or town must notify the homeowner within 30 days if a violation occurs.

This new law applies for those looking to rent their property as a party home and those looking to find a venue for an upcoming holiday party or event. As it is a new law, some homeowners might not even be aware of new restrictions on the use of their property. You will want to check for any known restrictions in that city or town before booking an event or listing your property for the purpose of a party or event venue.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Attorney for Short Term Rental Issues in Arizona

With any new legislation, there is often a period of confusion as those impacted adjust to new rules and regulations. MacQueen & Gottlieb has significant experience with all the legal issues involved in short term rentals in Arizona. Our firm can help navigate any issues a homeowner might run into with short-term rentals, especially those designated for events, parties, and large groups. We can also assist if you have received a violation or citation on your VRBO holiday house rental. Contact us today at 602-533-2840 to schedule an initial consultation or make an appointment online.

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