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Arizona Boundary Disputes

Arizona boundary disputes can arise over tree maintenance or any structure that compromises the other side of the boundary. Trees may overgrow the is allowed to trim back any growth as long as the life of the tree is not compromised. This is just one example of a situation where a boundary dispute can take place. 

Boundary Disputes: Gather Evidence

Should any property disputes arise between owners, gathering the necessary information and evidence to determine the boundary is. Owners should inspect their property deeds, which,  in most cases, can provide them with information on their property line. In addition, determining the root cause of the dispute is also necessary. Zoning laws and regulations may prevent certain changes to boundaries from being made, so it’s important to consult local ordinances to help reach a resolution as well.

Pursuing Legal Action Over a Boundary Dispute

If a compromise is unable to be reached in a boundary dispute, it may be necessary to take the matter to court. A court case will the legal boundaries, as well as damage, adverse possession or disagreement about changes to the physical boundary marker itself. In some cases, should an agreement not be possible without litigation, property owners my need to seek legal counsel from an Arizona boundary dispute lawyer. Changing the property line can be agreed upon in court as well, with a new boundary being set and marked. Pursuing a legal claim can be time-consuming and expensive. So resolving any boundary disputes out of court is always preferable.

Find An Experienced Arizona Boundary Dispute Attorney

The attorneys at MacQueen & Gottlieb have significant experience with resolving boundary disputes in Arizona. Our attorneys can assist you with any issues and help you understand your rights. If you anticipate a lawsuit, our attorneys can assist you in protecting your property. Contact us today at (602) 726-2229 to schedule an initial consultation or make an appointment online.

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