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We asked M&G attorney, Carrie Thompson Jones, a common question we have been getting from various outlets; Question: Am I allowed to have political signs in my front yard? Is It against HOA regulations? 

Her Answer: It depends. Check your governing HOA documents, including the CC&Rs, any amendments to the Declaration, the Bylaws, the Rules, the Guidelines, and the Policies. There are many ways in which your association will communicate with you, so to be sure you aren’t missing a directive, as it is wise to become familiar with all the governing documents and what they contain. If you’ve checked all your governing documents and do not see a restriction, a rule, a guideline, or a policy provision that prohibits signage in your front yard, then you are probably safe in placing a political sign in front of your house. Be aware, even if you are allowed to place a sign, there may be restrictions on the dimensions and/or how long you can leave it posted after an election. In any event, if you are having trouble determining whether you can post signage, place a call or send an email to your property manager and inquire about how your community typically treats this issue. 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Carrie! 


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