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Benjamin L. Gottlieb

Benjamin is a seasoned trial attorney who has successfully handled hundreds of real estate, business, and commercial cases.  Benjamin’s near-10 year legal career has been highlighted by numerous court victories and successful settlements for his clients.  He carries an undefeated jury trial record.  Benjamin’s most recent jury trial victory involved a medical-doctor-urgent-care owner who was sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars by his landlord.  The jury returned a complete defense verdict and awarded the landlord nothing.  Benjamin has gained national recognition as a ferociously skilled trial lawyer and is sought after by many clients to handle complex litigation cases.  Benjamin has also successfully handled multiple appeals at the Arizona Court of Appeals.  Despite his remarkable trial record, Benjamin works on behalf of his clients to achieve successful settlements, short of going to court or trial.  In addition to his litigation practice, Benjamin has experience representing clients in sophisticated real estate transactions.

In his personal “free” time, Benjamin enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys.

Benjamin in the news:

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