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Patrick MacQueen and Benjamin Gottlieb are Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) approved instructors. The classes shown below are available for continuing education (CE) credit. All attendees must register in order to qualify for credit. Please contact if you are interested in attending any of the classes shown below.

Fix, Flip or Walk?

This interactive class will highlight many of the legal and disclosure issues for fix & flip transactions. Learn about common misconceptions regarding fix & flips and how to spot bad fix & flip repairs. This class is also co-taught with Tim O’Neall.

  • Time: Wednesday, 11/9/22, 2p-5p
  • Location: PRS Property Management – 4129 W. Milky Way – Chandler, AZ 85226. Please email if interested.
  • Credits/Category: 3 hours in Disclosure

Sponsor: WESERV – West And Southeast REALTORS(R) Of The Valley

Navigating HOA Law In Arizona: What You Need To Know

To impart information as to the law and trends involving HOAs in Arizona, including information on the legal landscape relating to HOA laws.

  • Time: Friday, 12/2/22, 1p-4p
  • Location: This class is now available via Zoom. Please email if interested.
  • Credits/Category: 3 Hours/Real Estate Legal Issues (RELI)

Sponsor: WESERV – West And Southeast REALTORS(R) Of The Valley